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Carolina Perrone

Carolina Perrone

I am fascinated by shapes and colors and the relationships that exist between them. My favorite medium is collage and I especially love making abstract collages.

I started making collages when my three daughters were little. At that time the internet had just begun to enter people’s homes, which were getting inundated with catalogues nobody had even ordered. Seeing all that wasted paper sparked a desire in me to find ways to recycle it. I started making collages as a way of repurposing mail catalogue paper.  It felt incredibly satisfying to be able to use it to make art.

As my kids got a little bit older collage-making became a favorite household activity. During rainy days or cold winter afternoons we would sit around the table covered with bits of paper and make art. Twenty years later, living in a different city, with grown up kids in college or on the way to college, I am still making collages.

Collages have helped me to stay connected to my own center through life’s highs and lows.  The physical act of gluing shredded pieces of paper into a new beautiful whole has been a powerful metaphor for my own life journey.

In my collages I prioritize improvisation, play, and intuition.

This year I would like to work in series. Below are some collages from the series ‘Blues’ (2019).



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