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Marion H. Grant

Studio 10

Artist Bio

Marion Grant recently moved from Richmond to Pittsfield, MA, leaving behind her studio of fifteen years. Newly ensconced at the artist collaborative, NUArts, she continues to explore the endless possibilities of materials, imagination, and the joy of making. With degrees in fine arts, arts management, and art history, her background informs her work, and she often references past imagery and trends into her own creative endeavors. Grant has shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New England and New York.

Artist’s Statement

For the past several years, I have focused on three distinct but complimentary types of work. The first is torn paper collage made from my own hand-made and painted paper. The second is shallow relief panels assembled from found objects including small hardware, paper, bark, wood veneer, etc. The third direction is creating “cold” finishes on my pinched pottery which I first smoke fire and then apply layers of crayon, wax, and acrylic washes. Stylistically, the three relate to one another.

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