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Brent Ridge

Studio 21

BRENT RIDGE is a multimedia visual artist investigating the post-industrial landscape.

He is interested in pursuing abstract painting’s problems through a process of transformation using a multiplicity of forms and materials, including the appropriation of patterns and images. Using experimental image formation, representational shapes are stripped naked of their earthly bindings to float in new arrangements of a visionary world.

The artist was born and raised in Flint, MI. He attended Michigan State University and was awarded a BFA (cum laude) in Studio Art in 1998. He spent the subsequent decade as an artist in New York City, where he frequently exhibits his work, before traveling to Scotland to attend the Glasgow School of Art. He resettled in New England, where he taught art for seven years at the Brimmer and May School in the Boston area and now resides in the mountain lands of the Berkshires in Massachusetts, USA.

His works have been exhibited in group, two-person, and solo shows in artist and professional galleries, as well as museum settings.

Visit to view the artist’s portfolio.

Follow him on Instagram at mister.ridge or brentridge to keep up with his studio workings.

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