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Victoria Fiorini

Victoria Fiorini – Studio 16

The metals I work with magnify the beauty of our Earth. Modeled, cast and shaped with my two hands, I turn these forged-by-the-universe elements into wearable sculpture. I am inspired by places here & there things near & dear and the desire to create comfortable, meaningful jewelry and objects. Creating pieces who’s beauty lies in the beauty of the raw materials or what they represent. As a trained graphic designer I always hold true that great design is invisible. It is with this mantra I strive to make pieces who’s top priority is how they feel and interact with your human form. Comfort, usefulness, meaning and foresight of the piece’s interaction with its surroundings in its final form are how I measure the success of a piece.

Swearing or promising is a marker of before and after, past and the forever present moments. We say things like “I’ve been sworn to secrecy” or “I promise to love and cherish you forever.” I thought this was a clever name for my brand as a reminder that having a business isn’t easy, nor is it independent of the condition of the collective, it requires a lot of commitment and waking up every morning and remembering what’s most important. The things I’ve sworn to practice day after day, are:


Letting go.

Holding myself accountable to my word.

Staying the course to achieve the goal.

Trusting my intuition.

Listening and learning.

In practicing these things consistently and trying to become the best version of myself I feel as though in the smallest but maybe the most impactful way I’m helping to elevate the collective consciousness. To help to make this planet truly equitable for all. And hopefully that spreads out in ripple like effect to everyone everywhere.

These intentions are instilled directly into the metal I smith and inevitably ripple through these elements directly to you.


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