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‘Forget Me Not’ group art show at the Colonial

FORGET ME NOT NUarts group art show

June 10 – June 24, 2022

at The Colonial Theatre, 111 South St, Pittsfield MA

Opening Reception on Friday, June 10th from 4-6 pm

Artworks on view are also available for purchase during business hours at the Colonial Theatre. Each sale benefits the local Alzheimer’s chapter. Visit for more info.

‘Forget Me Not’ is a group art show by the artists of NUarts Studios and Gallery to help raise money for our local Alzheimer’s chapter. Artworks for sale include Kathy Gideon’s nature based watercolors, Marion Grant’s paper collages of shapes and colors, Caroline Kelley’s personal and quirky abstract paintings on boards, Dawn Meltzner’s ink drawings, Brent Ridge’s post industrial landscape paintings with use of recycled materials, Marney Schorr’s bright and playful abstract gouache paintings, and Sally Tiska Rice’s outdoor watercolor scenes. 

KATHY GIDEON is a mixed media artist who often works with elements of nature and recycled materials. Her works include her infamous oversized prints of sewer cap designs, handmade acorn sculptures, watercolor paintings made from gathering the pigments of the earth and forest, and breathtaking photography from international visits to places like Africa. She uses watercolor, ink marbling, paint blots, 3D found object sculptures and many other experimental explorations of materials.

MARION GRANT is a mixed media artist currently focused on paper collages. She states “from 2020 to 2021, I created a series acknowledging my admiration for Irish painter, Sean Scully. These paper collages do not reference actual works by Scully, rather they celebrate the limitless possibilities of shapes and colors.” Her works are Homages to Sean Scully in pink, black and brown, and green and gold.

CAROLINE KELLEY’s latest works are personal and quirky explorations of color, abstract shapes, and spatial relationships. Kelley states that “drawing abstract lines, shapes, and exploring the spaces between them can become all engrossing. Adding color derived from the natural world or the imagination can give a drawing further depth and density. Suddenly you can arrive in a new imaginative place that mysteriously exists only within the drawing.”

DAWN MELTZNER creates ink drawings and one of a kind jewelry which incorporates her love of gemstones and study of their healing properties according to Chinese medicine. Each piece is fashioned with positive intentions to bring the wearer joy and unique beauty in adornment. She will be showcasing works on paper.

BRENT RIDGE is a multimedia visual artist investigating the post-industrial landscape. He is interested in pursuing abstract painting’s problems through a process of transformation using a multiplicity of forms and materials, including the appropriation of patterns and images. Using experimental image formation, representational shapes are stripped naked of their earthly bindings to float in new arrangements of a visionary world. Ridge states: “These abstract works mine the debris of the post-industrial landscape through fragmentary forms contrasted with industrially produced patterns, giving new life to recycled materials through a painterly hand creating the varied textures and imagery found in these paintings.”

MARNEY SCHORR is a mixed media artist and painter as well as an art therapist and author. Her latest abstract gouache works are created to jazz or classical music in a new series called Clarity. She states: “These works express both a sense of chaos and confusion, but also the joy and happiness of my artist identity which motivates me every day to keep going in the face of adversity. I am inspired by abstract expressionism particularly Wassily Kandinsky, whose work influences the musical lyricism, symbols and gestural color combinations in my paintings.”

SALLY TISKA RICE is a multimedia artist who enjoys painting personal paintings from sentimental photos. She uses spontaneity to compose artwork and has painted many beautiful commission art pieces for customers internationally. Her watercolors in the show include Episcopal Church, Barn Door and Flowing Falls.

For more information or to contact the artists, please visit their Artist Pages at and like us on Facebook.

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